About Us

Our Story

In 2004, a group of Financial Planners became dissatisfied with the status quo, which included corporates dictating predefined solutions without completely understanding the clients’ specific needs.

Our main goal for our clients is financial independence, so we’ll accompany you on this trip so that you can enjoy life without the financial worries that most people are familiar with and spend their lives worrying about.

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Subsidiary Firms

Our subsidiary Firms, Partners, Affiliates, and Advisors recognise the need to add value for their clients, grow their businesses, benefit from greater scale, belong to a group of like-minded professionals, and secure their succession planning.


Management Team

Wealth Associates, a firm where information is openly exchanged, and the high grade of guidance continues to rise, owing to a particularly strong group of financial planners. We take pride in our service, tools, and attitudes.


Group Structure

The new model was implemented in 2009, along with the rebranding to Wealth Associates.

This provided an opportunity for advisors to come together when the dog’s tail no longer waggled. They established a new paradigm in which advisors could “share anything,” and it wasn’t long before they discovered the enormous value of sharing between partners. Everything was better, including service, compliance, tools, attitude, and talents.

Wealth Associates was a powerful notion that had come to life as a result of their collective efforts.