Management Team

Marc du Plooy

Chief Executive Officer: Wealth Associates South Africa

Executive Director: Wealth Associates Asset Management

Qualifications: N.Dip, B.Tech – Internal Auditing, PG.Dip – Investment Management

Marc considers himself, his family, and his friends to be the most important people in his life, and he prioritises them over everything else. He also values his profession and believes in making the most of every opportunity to achieve your professional goals, no matter what it takes.

He takes pride in being a mentor and support system for his co-workers every chance he gets. Giving back to the community has always been important to him, and he finds fulfilment in charity work. Marc’s favourite pastimes when he’s not giving back to the community are hitting a few balls on the golf course and sipping on a great whisky.

He also enjoys scuba diving when given the opportunity. His industry is his passion, and he never turns down an opportunity to make a positive professional influence.

Jeremy Squier, CFP®

Executive Director: Wealth Associates Asset Management and Wealth Associates Bespoke Solutions

Non-Executive Director: Wealth Associates South Africa (and Head of Group Advisor Development)

Qualifications: B.Com (Rhodes), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Postgraduate Diploma in Investments (UOFS), RE1, RE3 and RE5 Regulatory Exams

Jeremy enjoys sports and anything that allows him to get in touch with nature. Hikes, golf, mountain biking, and kayaking are among his favourite pastimes, but he also values private and personal time with his closest friends and family. He has a golden heart and is always willing to provide a helping hand to people in need, whether physically or financially. Travelling to new places, whether locally or internationally, is at the top of his list of interests, and he excels at it rather than doing a lot of things poorly.

In his professional life, he prioritises the needs of his clientele. Leadership, he feels, is never about oneself. When a leader makes decisions based on personal agendas, he or she loses moral authority. Personal power is more important to him than positional power. He is not a fan of job titles because they tend to promote positional power.

He is a firm believer in both fairness and honesty. In his world, mediocrity and complacency have no place. He admires hard work, dedication, and commitment more than he admires intelligence.

Theoniel McDonald, CFP®

Managing Director:  Wealth Associates Central

Non-Executive Director: Wealth Associates South Africa (and Head of Group Marketing)

Executive Director: Wealth Associates Financial Advisors, Wealth Associates Fiduciary Services, Wealth Associates Risk N-Sure

Qualifications: Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, Magister in Business Administration UFS (M.B.A.)

Theoniel adores his family and cherishes every moment he has with them. They are a significant part of his life and contribute to his success.

Reading has become a way of life for him. He gets lost in a book and applies what he learns in it to his daily life. When given the opportunity, he enjoys reading his book while sipping a lovely glass of red wine. He not only likes to read and relax, but he also enjoys being active outdoors. Mountain biking and golf are two of his favorite pastimes.

Theoniel’s number one interest, aside from enjoying the magnificent outdoors of South Africa, is his professional industry, and serving as Vice President on the FIA board is one of his proudest achievements.

Alastair Mackie

Managing Director: Wealth Associates AJM Asset Management

Investment Committee member: Wealth Associates Asset Management

Qualifications: BSc Hons, MSc & FSA™

Alastair enjoys all sports, but particularly enjoys cycling, golf, and tennis. He loves doing this since he enjoys being outside and appreciates all things nature. He is fascinated by animals and their behaviour.

He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and he finds solace in new adventures, particularly those that take him to strange and unusual places, as well as road trips and camping. He not only loves animals, but he also loves people, and he is passionate about helping others, which he believes is a good fit for being an advisor.

He is particularly captivated with investor psychology and everything he can learn from it as a result of this.

Dan Lezar

Director: Wealth Associates Central

Non-Executive Director: Wealth Associates South Africa

Qualifications: FILPA (Fellow Life and Pension Advisors), CFP (Certified Financial Planner)

Dan considers his friends to be his own family because of the bond they share and the time they spend together. He values the time he spends with his wife and family.

With his children and grandchildren spread across the globe, he video calls them whenever he has the opportunity to catch up and stay in touch.

His favourite pastime is watching sports because he is unable to participate due to injuries sustained over the years, and even though he is not an action movie star, he enjoys the excitement of watching them.

His haven has always been the Bible, and he makes it a point to read it every day and to be a devout Christian.

He believes that people should experience diverse cultures, foods, and lifestyles, which is why he enjoys travelling abroad, where he has made the most wonderful memories that he will never forget.

Despite this, he enjoys his work and assisting his clients in achieving their financial goals so that they can enjoy life and the world. He enjoys his work almost as much as he enjoys interacting with people.

Gordon Yuill

Executive Director: Wealth Associates Risk N-Sure

Qualifications: MDP (Unisa) Sbl, COP (IISA)

Take Gordon to the sea, and he will love you probably as much as he loves the Marine. With Maritime activities being his favourite past times, he enjoys being one with the water. He is a skilled open-circuit and closed-circuit diver. He takes pride in his hyperbaric science and diving safety knowledge.  He enjoys exploring the seas in search of hidden gems. Aside from his love of water, Gordon is passionate about assisting customers in reducing risk and liability in both their personal and professional life.

He is an absolute crusader for serving consumers properly and a warrior against fine print that is purposefully obscured.

Mauritz van den Heever, CFP®

Managing Director:  Wealth Associates Bespoke Solutions

Non-Executive Director: Wealth Associates South Africa (and Head of Group Information Technology)

Qualifications: Bcom Investment Management, Postgraduate Diploma Financial Law, Postgraduate Diploma Business Management, Certificate in Performance Management (CFA Institute), RE1 and RE5 Regulatory exams

Having a wife who is also his best friend has been Mauritz’s sanctuary from work, and he enjoys it. He also finds it relaxing to spend time with their pets, and it is one of his favourite pastimes. He’s also a big fan of sourdough and how it is used to make bread and other doughs.

He has always enjoyed being active and believes that a healthy body equals a healthy mind, thus, he frequently goes mountain biking.

He enjoys learning everything he can about information technology and envisions himself as a national ambassador for financial planning and its professionalism.

Francois Potgieter

Non-Executive Director: Wealth Associates South Africa

Qualifications: BSC Actuarial Science, BSC Hons Mathematical Statistics, Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa.

Francois been working in the Insurance industry for 25 years has a wide range of skills ranging from Product Development, Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Leadership, Operations, Management and Executive and Non-Executive Directorships.

He is an qualified Actuary and is currently operating independently in various ventures and also serves as a Non-Executive Director on the Wealth Associates Board. 

David Hepburn

Non-Executive Director: Wealth Associates South Africa

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce (accounting), Bachelor of Laws

David is an admitted attorney with over 25 years of commercial experience in the legal industry, presently the managing partner of Schindlers Attorneys in Johannesburg.

He has been external legal counsel for the Wealth Associated group for some 20 years.

David finds straightforward and practical solutions to complex problems. He has been appointed as both executive and non-executive director to many dozens of companies, and advises both South African and foreign companies and trusts.


  • Admitted Attorney of the High Court of School Africa
  • South African Institute of Taxation (registered tax practitioner)
  • Johannesburg Attorneys Association
  • South African Legal Practice Council
  • Institute of Directors