The Wealth Associates Brand story


In 2005 a small group of financial planners in South Africa started talking about change. Their philosophy on financial advice did not dovetail with the predetermined “one size fits all” solutions provided for clients by some product providers.

It was time to build a company with a model in which clients would receive needs-based advice and professional, hands-on service.

Wealth Associates founder Marc du Plooy worked for a corporate in the financial services industry for more than 20 years, during which time the advisor still held sway. He noticed changes taking place as products were developed without consideration for individual client needs. The intermediary, in other words the advisor, was there to distribute the products. This didn’t make sense to Marc and led to his resignation from the corporate world.

Marc travelled to Austin, USA, in 2005 to meet with the highly regarded NFP (National Financial Partners) and was inspired by the NFP model which put the power back into the hands of the intermediaries and their clients.


The Wealth Associates brand was born in 2008, opening the door for like-minded advisors to come together in their common quest to put the client first. The new model advocated sharing of good practice between partners and advisors across the group and the power of the sharing of knowledge, processes and skills from service to compliance to tools to attitude soon became apparent.

The Wealth Associates Group has been built through an association of highly skilled, family-orientated professional financial planners who share knowledge freely in the pursuit of a uniformly and sustainably high standard of advice to all their clients. Wealth Associates prides itself on always embracing the highest common denominator in service models, tools and attitudes to ensure client-based solutions.

Established advisory businesses saw the potential inherent in the Wealth Associates model and the Group has grown to include a small, select group of established advisors with their own infrastructure and clients. Dan Lezar and Jeremy Squier were the first independent advisors to buy into the Wealth Associates philosophy that “if it doesn’t work for the client, we don’t use it”. Driven by the belief that this model allowed one to remain an independent advisor without being isolated, advisors Theoniel McDonald and Gordon Yuill doubled the size of the Group.

Alastair Mackie and Mauritz van den Heever followed suit, bringing with them a belief in individual thinking and evidence-based planning in accordance with the Group philosophy.

All the joining advisors have seen their businesses flourish due to the economies of scale provided by the Group and each adheres to the Group philosophy of treating clients and their families as their number one priority.

Wealth Associates advisors strive to make a difference in the lives of their client families. They bring a human element to their roles that is borne out in their individual passion for various sports, their team spirit, their shared family dynamic and their readiness to learn and expand their expertise to better serve their clients.

For Wealth Associates family comes first and professional, balanced financial advice serves as a vehicle to improve the lives of families. That’s why you want Wealth Associates on your team.