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At Wealth Associates we believe in comprehensive tailor made Financial Planning solutions, geared to your specific needs as our client. Financial Planning broadly encompasses the following 2 areas, Wealth Creation and Wealth Protection. Both areas are necessarily inter-connected and so should ideally be addressed together within an analysis of your financial needs.

Wealth Associates Central, previously trading as Razel Finance has become a household name in Alberton as a premier financial services company. We provide financial advice to both individuals and companies. We take into account all aspects of financial planning, through a long-term approach of fully understanding our clients’ needs, wants and aspirations and then prioritizing their objectives so that these can be achieved.

Usually a review will start with a very broad discussion of your history, objectives, aspirations and concerns, before moving on to the detail.

Our six steps in the financial planning process:

  1. Establishing and defining a professional relationship
  2. Gathering data, including goals
  3. Analysing and evaluating your financial status
  4. Developing and presenting financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives
  5. Implementing the financial planning recommendations
  6. Monitoring the financial planning recommendations


We are fully independent advisers and as our client, you will benefit from the range of products and services we can offer. We’ve gained our insight from years of operating in a variety of market conditions, facing challenges and maximising opportunities, so we know what to look out for in order to help you manage, grow and protect your wealth.

DirectorsTheoniel McDonald (Managing), Dan Lezar, Chris de Wet (Executive), Marc du Plooy (Non-Executive)
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