wealth: living the life you want.
wealth: affording small luxuries and enjoying them without any guilt.
wealth: the luxury of time to do the things you love doing.
wealth: well-being

wealth redefined.TM

Wealth is a loaded word and one with many interpretations. We believe that wealth and the management thereof, is far better explained by its original meaning;

well-being – [*Wealth mid-13c., from Middle English; ‘wele’ meaning “pattern of health” or “well-being.”]

Each of us holds a different view of what it means to be wealthy.  For some it means being able to afford that small luxury, go on a family holiday, invest in your children’s education, or simply having some downtime to smell the roses. For others it may mean a comfortable retirement, having an interesting hobby, leaving a legacy for your loved ones or philanthropy.   Whatever your definition of wealth, Wealth Associates will partner with you on the journey to achieve it.  We are committed to ensuring your financial well-being, enabling you to live the life you want. 

We understand that most people prefer to get on with the business of living rather than spending time worrying about financial planning.  This makes our purpose clear: we use our expertise to guide, grow and protect your wealth and empower you to experience financial well-being as defined by you. We path the way to a life well lived.

About us

Wealth Associates is a well-established and independent advice-led business obsessed with the financial well-being of their clients

Why us

By guiding, growing, and protecting their wealth, we empower clients to live the life they want and to experience financial well-being as defined by them. 

Wealth management

We plan for your financial well-being, supported by best-of-breed solutions from multiple product providers.

Investment management

We enable financial well-being through delivering consistent and risk-adjusted investment performance. We focus on your definition of wealth and aligning our approach to ensure that you achieve your investment goals successfully over time.

Partner with us

We only partner with advisors, wealth managers and portfolio managers who share our passion for the financial well-being of their clients and those ready to embrace our culture and business ethos.